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An eclectic mix, created for to our neighbours' tastes and our love for all beer styles


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"The Big Lift" - American IPA
6.6% ABV and 71 IBUs
Pale gold in colour, the wheat and Munich malt give this brew a nicely balanced, medium body. Heavily hopped for flavour and aroma using a combination of American and English hops. Palisade and Citra give it floral/cirtrusy tastes while Northern Brewer gives it minty and woody undertones. This beer is a surprisingly mild drinking 6.6%.

"Made Me Blush - Rosé IPA" Belgium IPA with Hibiscus and Rose Hips
6.8% ABV
We went after a beer that was similar to a rosé wine. The Belgium IPA yeast  really complements the hibiscus and rose hips and there's a load of hallertau blanc and mosaic to bring out the wine flavors.

“Minutes” - California Common Lager
5.5% ABV
The name comes from the surf spot "minutes" located a little outside of Dartmouth on cow bay. This is our version of the every persons' beer; fermented with California common yeast (basically a lager at higher temps) this beer is as refreshing as spending the morning chasing waves; dry-hopped lightly with hallertau blanc for a pleasant white wine nose.

"Smokey the Beer" - Honey Smoked Ale
5.3% ABV / 37.3 IBU
Beech smoked malt give it camp fire aromas & tastes up front while the honey malt brings out some sweetness on the tail end. Hopped with Chinook and Northern Brewer for woody, piney, notes.

“Paladisi” - Grapefruit IPA
7.2% ABV
Citrus Paradisi is the latin name for grapefruit and we added a generous amount of Palisade hops ∴ Paladisi! Jana Dellapinna came in to brew this one for the Brewster festival taking place at the end of April 2019. Low in hop bittering but high in grapefruit bittering from fresh grapefruit zest and juice going into the fermenter; this is a summer brew we're proud of.

"Vermont is for Lovers” - New England IPA
8.0% ABV
The haziness comes from the massive oat and hops additions. The Mosaic and Citra give this brew tons of tropical and citrus flavours. All the hops were late addition and we did a double dry hop to ensure this beer is all flavour/aroma and low on bittering. A textbook, pillowy, NEIPA inspired by some of the greats from Vermont!

"The Little Lift" – Session IPA
5.5% ABV
This is the little brother of “The Big Lift” American IPA. It’s a very similar recipe however with less base grain to reduce the alcohol and maximize the flavors. Pale gold in colour, the wheat and Munich malt give this session a heavy body. Heavily hopped for flavor and aroma using a combination of American and English hops. Palisade and Citra give it floral/cirtrusy tastes while Northern Brewer gives it minty and woody undertones.

“Voice of the Doggos” – Saison
A Collaboration beer to celebrate the coast’s 25th anniversary! 0.25$ from each pint served in our taproom will go to the SPCA. Spicey rye malt was added to this hazy saison as well as a dry hop of locally foraged sweet fern that bring out natural honey and herbal notes.

"McNab's Pure" - Rye IPA
6.3% ABV / 49IBU
The name is an homage to an old soda company that used to operate on McNab's Island in the 1800’s; "Pure McNab's". To play off of the spiciness of the rye grain, we used a spicy and refreshing hop blend. We heavily hopped for flavor using bramling cross and the end result is our most crisp beer to date. It’s a beer that rye drinkers will appreciate.

“Portland St.” Porter
5.3% ABV / 31 IBU
Born out of feedback/requests from our customers at the Dartmouth Alderney Landing market, we will bring this porter out every year just in time to fight the winter blues. Loads and loads of specialty grain give this dark porter complex tastes. The roasted malt leads the flavor with coffee notes, followed by a big punch of chocolate malt, finished with smokey and sweet undertones.

"RadBucha" Scoby Soured Wheat
4.0% ABV 
We've been planning this one for over a year with the good folks at Pop Culture Kombucha. They came by for the start of the brew to provided the scoby for a kettle sour. The taste was modeled after a raddler, however its not a true raddler. We got the grapefruit tastes from grapfruit zest and small amounts of fresh squeezed juice in the kettle and a palisade dry hop.